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Do you talk to yourself ?

...or imagine you are talking to someone you know, like that person is following you around and who is it?
  • Answers
  • I don't talk to myself much, but I do imagine that someone I know like a friend is with me sometimes
    Cassandra S. · 1 0
  • LOL no, sometimes I talk to myself if I have a lot going on in my head and I got a ton of stuff to do but most of the time no I don't. . .
    totallyconfused27 · 0 0
  • We talk to ourselves only when we don't want to talk to the world. This is quite natural and it is a very frequent thing with me. I used to talk to myself at first and now I have started talking to an imaginary person whom I refer to as God. Its cool!
    Debasmita Kumar · 1 0
  • I talk to myself all the time, or as I like to call it 'thinking out loud'.
    Poe Bird · 0 0