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Who were the 5 worst presidents in American history?

I'd have to disagree on the following: FDR (He's actually considered in the top 5 of most effective presidents by historians); JFK (Kennedy had to face some of the most daunting issues since the time of Lincoln. He is also considered one of the most popular presidents in history); LBJ (LBJ had one of the greatest domestic policy accomplishments, other than FDR, in history--despite the Vietnam War); Clinton (Yeah, so he slept around on Hillary. That was a consensual affair that had no business in the public limelight. His record for job creation (22.5 million new jobs), and for having a budget surplus of 2 trillion overshadows anything between he and Monica and Hillary. Plus, his popularity upon leaving office was 57%); and Reagan (He affectively led us through the final stages of communist rule of eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, with Gorbachev's assistance.)
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  • Andrew Johnson - deepened the divides between the north and south at a time when they should be healing

    Franklin Pierce - his policy contributed to the civil war, particularly his support of the pro-slavery government in Kansas

    Herbert Hoover - his refusal to remove the US from the gold standard made it impossible for the federal reserve to lower interest rates and end the great depression

    John Adams - his support of the Sedition Act, which should have been declared unconstitutional

    George W. Bush - his preemptive war against a country that did not threatened the US runs contrary to everything American stands for
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  • 1. FDR: Extended the Depression with his socialist policies. Only the start of WW2 saved him. His legacy is a failed socialist model which is being taken up by the guy in the #2 spot.
    2. Dear Leader Obama: Obviously didn't study history as he's repeating the mistakes of FDR. Has already saddled our great-great-grandchildren with debt stretching to the moon. Easily the laziest President in recent memory.
    3. Jimmy "Peanut Brain" Carter: Iran Hostage Crisis, 15% Unemployment, 20% Inflation, made the USA a laughing stock and etc...
    4. Bill "Slick Willy" Clinton: Blue dress and cigar - need I say more?
    5. JFK: The only thing that makes him famous is he got shot otherwise his Presidency was poor to mediocre at best.
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  • There are lots of people I considered for this list--Nixon for example--who when I thought about it at least achieved some major successes during their presidencies.

    1. George W. Bush for going the furthest in destroying the constitutional office of the presidency (not that Obama has restored the proper boundaries.)

    2. James Buchanan for saying secession was unconstitutional but doing nothing to stop it.

    3. Calvin Coolidge for his failure to deal with the Great Mississippi River Flood and refusal to recognize that the federal government must assume additional burdens in the 20th century.

    4. John Tyler, who became president through odd political shenanigans and the death of the elected president, and was unable to do anything effectively in office.

    5. John F. Kennedy for intensifying the Cold War, escalating the Viet Nam War, and his inability to get his New Frontier programs passed, partly because of his arrogance.

    Of course, I might make a different list tomorrow.
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  • to call them american precident is incorrect so dont let them fool you.
    they are all sworn under oath to the usa.
    they do not represent america so when they use this as a title they may as well lie as it,s not in their oath.
    were or are still alive?
    bush and bush and more bush&son
    in fact they win this contest hands down in their own special league.
    it,s much harder to find a good one as they all seem irreversibly corrupt.
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