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Who were the 5 worst presidents in American history?

I'd have to disagree on the following: FDR (He's actually considered in the top 5 of most effective presidents by historians); JFK (Kennedy had to face some of the most daunting issues since the time of Lincoln. He is also considered one of the most popular presidents in history); LBJ (LBJ had one of the greatest domestic policy accomplishments, other than FDR, in history--despite the Vietnam War); Clinton (Yeah, so he slept around on Hillary. That was a consensual affair that had no business in the public limelight. His record for job creation (22.5 million new jobs), and for having a budget surplus of 2 trillion overshadows anything between he and Monica and Hillary. Plus, his popularity upon leaving office was 57%); and Reagan (He affectively led us through the final stages of communist rule of eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, with Gorbachev's assistance.)
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