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Did you have a hard childhood?

I did.

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My dad started out as a school teacher in Washington. We then moved to Ohio and my Dad decided to go to Pharmacy school. While he went through school my Mom worked night shift as a nurse's aid. Three months before my Dad was finished with school our landlord told us we had to move because the lady next to us had complained and complained about the noise. (We had been living in a duplex.) So my Dad lived with a friend for three months of his remaining school time while we moved to Colorado to live with our Grandma. Well five months later my grandma kicked us out. Since my Dad had found a job as a pharmacy tech locally we had to stay in that town while he acquired on the job training to pass his exam and become a pharmacist. So we lived (all six of us) in a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom house for rent. Finally we were able to move out and we moved to Colorado Springs happily ever after in a seven bedroom, 4 bathroom house (The flyer for the house said 6 bedroom, 5 bathroom and when we looked at the house, no one thought to count.)

We have lived in 8 different houses since the time of my birth. And I wasn't sexually abused or anything that terrible like that but it was hard and money was very tight.
The end:)
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    I did too.

    When I was about 4 months my parents split and my mom, 2 year old brother, and I went to live with my moms friend. Until I was 2 we lived with them. It was hard. My brother and I had a stripper for a babysitter. (yes, a stripper) When I was about 2 my mom met a man who eventually became my stepdad (my mom and him got married when I was 8) Between the ages of 4 and 16 (now) my mom and dad have been in a custody battle over me, not my brother (now 18), just me. When I was about 5, my dad wouldn't let me see my mom for about a week. My mom wanted me to go to bible school, I wanted to go to, but my dad wouldn't let me. My dad locked my brother and I in a bathroom. Cops were involved and my dad won because he had visitation rights. When I was 12, my mom and stepdad got divorced. I had to move about 200 miles from home to live with a guy I didn't even know. (his name was Gary) When I was about 13, my dad did it again. He took me from my sisters house and brought me back to his. He didn't tell my mom or anyone where I was. I had a tracphone that he didn't know about so I secretly texted my mom. My mom and Gary came to get me. My dad didn't know, I never told him, but he somehow found out and came home. I was already in my moms car by the time he got there. We were just pulling out of the driveway when he jumped on my moms car. Once again, cops were called. I ended up going home with my mom. I went to court a couple times against my dad. My story has a happy ending though. My mom and Gary got married November of 2008. My dad finally gave up his rights and Gary adopted me. The paperwork came in on Wednesday and Gary is legally my dad.

    Between the ages of 4 months and now, I have lived in 11 different houses.
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  • Yes I did. From the outside, I seemed to have the picture-perfect American family, a working dad who makes more in a month than some people do in a year, a stay at home mom who loved us to death, and two 'wonderful' siblings. My brother was actually told by an old pitcher for the Yankees that he had one of the best swings he had ever seen, and it is pretty amazing ha ha. My sister started modeling when she was 4, and she's six now and has modeled for various places such as Nordstrom, Juicy, etc. People would always say how they were jealous of me because I was smart, pretty, wealthy, etc.

    Nobody would have guessed my dad was abusive, emotionally and physically. He called me fat(im a size 4), hit me with Lincoln logs(red marks for a week after), and so much more. Everything is not what it seems. Those girls will never know how I would kill to trade lives with them. My life is not something I would wish on my worst enemy.

    Personally, considering all that has happened, I think I have turned out pretty well, but when I get older I will have to spend a fortune on therapy bills. I'm going to have some serious physiological problems :)
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  • I had an amazing childhood, compared to many people of Yahoo Answers.

    What I hated about my childhood: I was bullied on websites, in school, outside of school. My friends were never actually there for me, and always kicked, punched, and hurt me by "accident." My mom and my dad would always fight, and when they weren't arguing, they were at work. At the age of 3, had to sleep on my own, do my own homework, without anyone helping me. We had to move into my grandma's home, and then my grandma and my mom were constantly arguing. My mom wanted to move, and we did. That's my sap story.

    What I liked about my childhood: I dumped my "friends," after a few years. I then made new ones. My mom and dad argued less, and I guess you could say, we are more like a family.

    Now, I'm as happy as ever. My family may not be perfect, but after all that suffering, crying, teasing, and hatred, we're finally in a great place.
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  • Every night I would fall asleep to my parents fighting. Every morning I would wake up to them fighting again.

    My dad was a bad alcoholic and still was until last year. He would take ME to drink with his friends, I didn't even know what he did though (I was around 3/4) I lived in a ghetto neighborhood. Someone stole my bird, burned our porch, slashed my moms tires. There was also a girl who told me she didn't want to hang out with me because I was "russian" (I'm not even russian, wtf)

    At that point we HAD to move. It wasn't safe at ALL. It was primarily a mexican neighborhood. I lived on the bad side of the neighborhood.
    Then once we moved everything was the same. My mom would hit me if I couldn't get a math question right. She would hit me if I did something wrong to her 2 days ago. My dad went to the Oktoberfest and I had to sleep ALONE. (my mom worked night shift as a nurse too)

    Now one year after that, and one DUI later. Me and my mother still fight, and my dad is just a fag. My mom doesn't let me hang out with friends, sleep over, or anything. I have bad social anxiety. And Anxiety alone.
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  • i did too but i dont feel sorry for myself because i didnt even have it the hardest in my own family. this is also subjective too. one person can be in a terrible environment but still overcome it. another may have less problems but is missing the ability to deal with it and it defeats them. no one knows what the other person went through an you dont want to switch places. the things that happened to you could really affect the type of person you are it would obviously be very painful too. i think the challenge in any life is to try to remain a good person no matter what circumstance you endured.
    i had physical an sexual an mental abuse. it wasnt disneyland. but i wasnt a girl so i had it easier in this case. i was only raped once.
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