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Do you have a hard knock life?

and if so, what is making your life so hard?
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    i have been knocked around so many times by life, i know how it feels to spend 10 rounds in the ring with mike tyson! reason being i never had a childhood i was sick more times than my mom could remember! i never went to school, my mom home schooled me. then i was forced to go to a catholic high school, and was expelled after my third year. then i spent the next 30 years of my life battling depression, which destroyed a good part of it. my parents didn't care i was wasting my life in front of the television. as long as i wasn't out where they had to worry about where i was

    NOW 2012 all my relatives and parents are dead, now i have to go out into this world and try and find a job to support myself or land in the street
    A Gothic Odyssey · 1 0
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  • i wouldn't call it a hard knock life,,,,,,but i've had a few
    hard knock #1 being born poor and in the Rio Grande Valley
    hard knock #2 having a nogood dad who beat up my mom (she left him thank God)
    hard knock #3 marrying a bag of hurt cheater (i left him thank God)

    but now, at 41 my life is dam near perfect
    Losing Is Not An Option · 1 0
  • my boyfriend makes my life hard hons. owe so hot hung gorgeous hons and hung.
    ? · 1 0
  • no
    Anonymous Person · 1 1

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