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Did you have a sad, depressing childhood?

@fancy: your story sounds very difficult. I am so sorry to hear about all of the things that have happened. My childhood was not the either (dad had psychological issues but I love him still, my mom had/is recovering from a drinking issue. My teenage years were so unstable. I was sometimes left home alone at nights while my mom went out, I was sleeping around/acting out.) but I think we all can heal from the sad, hurtful things eventually. Sometimes I worry because my dad and his psych issues run in his family and my therapist as a child worried I might suffer from the same things. I am already showing signs but I am trying to keep positive.
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    Well ..... my EARLY childhood is really worth writing more about someday since looking back on all the good memories is almost a bit of a fairytale in a way. My sister and I (myself being 2 yrs. older) had many fun time and adventures as kids and even did a lotta naughty things in the neighborhood--usually humorous stunts. We're both very artistic so always came up with very creative stuff to do. And our parents were together then, so overall, it truly felt like a "normal" childhood. And one family with some pretty strong family ties rooted in the we'd always go to our Grandmother's house during EVERY holiday and completely have a blast with our two cousins who were like brothers. It all changed when our father abandoned us around our preteen years for another woman, and then things just fell apart. Long story short, his actions and the way he irresponsibly operated was somewhat scandalous causing the whole family much heartache and a slew of emotional problems for everyone involved. I think the only person who came out somewhat unscathed was our youngest sister, bless her heart. It took yrs. for us to rebuild our lives, and it makes you wonder......maybe it's true awful things do happen for a spiritual reason--you know some valuable life lesson to learn from that strengthens ones spirit, move on, relearn to trust again, and forgive. And most of all to still be a loving person after have been through so much.
    EDIT: Well thank you for your kind words and I'm sorry to hear about the challenges you've faced/are facing as well. I know one thing, therapy has truly made a difference in a lot of the recovery. Whenever there's a problem, I know who to run to. And I know nothing in life is ever perfect and have learned this is not what it's about anyway, though staying active with "self improvement", checking in to see what's going on (or off) emotionally helps me keep healthier mentally. Because you know how it is, sometimes life can be hard. But it's a lot easier when you pay attention to your emotional needs. Spirituality has helped me a great deal as well. I kinda got off track with that but now that we're talking about all this, decided to give a go to joining some spiritual group. Yoga, meditation, anything spiritually uplifting.
    Well psych issues can run in the family and/or certain behaviors after have been a part of that environment + 'maybe' genetics (here say perhaps), but certainly staying on top of it all and being very aware can keep potential troubles at bay. Yeah, stay positive!!! But also embrace the darkness by writing about it, working through it, facing up to it with a therapist, --this will all shed light on it, promoting a LOT of healing. Don't be afraid. And the times you are, allow it to surface, your inner courage will soon flow and come to your rescue ....
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  • Yes and no. I had bad moments and good ones like most people.
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  • No, I grew up with loving, married parents in a wonderfully safe, nurturing, all-white Christian community in South Carolina... the blacks and muslim diversity didn't infiltrate...errr, ENRICH the neighborhood until much later.
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