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Please help what should I do?

So I opened my curtains and 3 huge spiders fell and Im scared of them so I put cups over 3 of them and they all gave birth and the glasses fell over and there has to be about 100 spiders all over my room!
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  • make love to them until they impregnate you. give birth to their thousands of babies. repeat the process 4036 times. eventually a unicorn with arrive carrying a horny mermaid she will rub your genitals and turn you into a dolphin. swim around earth 278 times. by this point you will have turned into a spider. chose which spider is the most beautiful. marry that spider. impregnate it. live a long happy life with it, raising at least 3 children and naming them chilly, mop and micky. when your children grow up and raise children of their own, squish them all! they wont see it coming!
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