Donald Trump's stature was afforded respect until or" />
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Why would a question about nicknames for Trump's wee-wee get deleted within minutes, but hateful 'questions' about blacks or?

Asian men having sex with white women, with hard core photos included, can last for days on Y!A homepage. Not getting reported/deleted..
What's going on here?

(I went to check my answer about Trump and it was already deleted.)
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  • Back in the day, a person of Donald Trump's stature was afforded respect until or unless they did something to bring dishonor on themselves and their family. Donald Trump is probably the best known person in the world at this point, and has done nothing wrong to anyone. Why don't we all just sit back and give the man and his people a chance to get things turned around. It can't happen over night as it has been appalling to watch Obama reduce our once greatly respected country to a mere side note in many circumstances. If Trump fails in his attempt to make things right again between the US and the rest of the world, then you can attack him like President Obama was attacked by some news agencies. Hasn't someone ever given you a chance to prove yourself?
    Smokies Hiker · 2 6
  • Anyone can take down a question and/or answer on Y/A. Your question got deleted by someone who's a Trumpeter (Supporter of Trumpet). Should not be hard to find if the crowd in Hollywood is anything to go by - not a single nice thing to say about Trump. But that's Hollywood For you - left, left, left and more left.
    Yorrik · 0 3
  • Trump stated, when he shocked us,mentioning Marco Rubio's little hands, that he had big hands. People mistakenly believe hand & foot size correlates with a man's genitalia. Trump's hands & feet are big, (though hardly as big as his ego) so they think Trump puts John Holmes to shame & that Trump's stick shift is no wee wee. Melania's highly photoraphed nearly-nude body is big & beautiful to accommodate big hands, feet & (to quote Trump) "his whatever".
    Why do insulting references to blacks last longer on Y/A?. A minority of blacks have the time or inclination to argue with strangers on y/a.
    They are looking for work or doing something that feels good... be it dangling a worm on a hook over a pond to catch dinner, singing in a church choir, making babies, doing time where cell phones & computers aren't accessible. Blacks are under-represented on Y/A & besides many black men have hands & feet as big as or bigger than Trump's w/ egos to match.
    Queen of Sheba · 1 2
  • On YA’s home page, under the “Answers Home” and “About” tabs, this forum apprises users of its mission statement or purpose. It is supposed to be a forum, or marketplace of ideas, where legitimate inquiries with a scintilla or smidgen of merit seek answers based upon other users’ knowledge, training, or experience.

    Race questions are among the most legitimate. Among other topics, open honest discussions about race have been suppressed by “political correctness”, an unwritten code of acceptable political speech created by the Left to suppress observation of facts or dissent from their preferred egalitarian theory. Race questions have merit, however offensive you perceive the answer to be based upon your political indoctrination and resultant values, culture, and beliefs.

    Soliciting nicknames for Trump’s wee-wee falls below the threshold of having any merit whatsoever. Not even a scintilla or smidgen. That would make a good conversation for you and your vapid friends at the shopping mall foodcourt or as you’re injecting your next heroin dose or wherever you squander your life away, but here is a waste of time and space and defiles the noble purpose of this webpage.
    GI · 8 2
  • Bro, if you haven't noticed that there are "yahoo gods" (aka shady admins that are introvert shut ins with a lot of computer skills and no social skills), if you haven't noticed that these Y/A gods pick favorites and don't give the slightest f*ck about the rules of conduct, then you aren't the sharpest knife in the drawer. What's going on here is someone with the power to delete your questions doesn't like you, simple as that. But they like racism and porn. I post racist questions all the time, horribly distasteful and hateful questions about N.I.G.G.E.R.S. Not one has been deleted. Matter of fact, none of my stuff has been deleted. And I'm a complete assshole. I guess the gods are looking down on me favorably.
    ? · 1 1
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