Donald Trump's stature was afforded respect until or" />
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Why would a question about nicknames for Trump's wee-wee get deleted within minutes, but hateful 'questions' about blacks or?

Asian men having sex with white women, with hard core photos included, can last for days on Y!A homepage. Not getting reported/deleted..
What's going on here?

(I went to check my answer about Trump and it was already deleted.)
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  • Back in the day, a person of Donald Trump's stature was afforded respect until or unless they did something to bring dishonor on themselves and their family. Donald Trump is probably the best known person in the world at this point, and has done nothing wrong to anyone. Why don't we all just sit back and give the man and his people a chance to get things turned around. It can't happen over night as it has been appalling to watch Obama reduce our once greatly respected country to a mere side note in many circumstances. If Trump fails in his attempt to make things right again between the US and the rest of the world, then you can attack him like President Obama was attacked by some news agencies. Hasn't someone ever given you a chance to prove yourself?
    Smokies Hiker · 2 6
  • Good question. The reporting system does not work and has never worked, Anyone with 10 accounts can get questions deleted. I think Yahoo has always been understaffed and I know it is way understaffed now.

    Someone that probably worked for yahoo said that a human being doesn't even look at reported questions, they are just deleted by computer program if enough reports come in. This seems to be accurate

    The computer programs, though, are obviously poorly written. I had a question deleted when I quoted from a website that used the spanish word for "black", but the insulting slang term for that word, with all its intentional misspellings, is not even picked up by these computer programs-- if you know what I mean.
    Jim2 · 6 13
  • Anyone can take down a question and/or answer on Y/A. Your question got deleted by someone who's a Trumpeter (Supporter of Trumpet). Should not be hard to find if the crowd in Hollywood is anything to go by - not a single nice thing to say about Trump. But that's Hollywood For you - left, left, left and more left.
    Kevin · 1 0
  • The person who wants to name Trumps We-We as you so put it. Is totally stupid. Would you like it if someone named your wee-wee huh??? Wait a minute? As dumb as you are. You wouldn't mind. Most people who are smart. Wouldn't consider this question of great importance. And consider this question very stupid. And think the person who wanted to know this question very ignorant. Probably the person who asked this question doesn't have a IQ what to speak of. Probably a drop out of Grade school or high school. Find some questions to ask which is intelligent. And quit posting stupid questions like this.
    cornhuskerboy2003 · 9 9
  • I guess it could just have to do with people who are seeing the questions, No nudity should be allowed on this site and i am not sure why someone would let that stay there. It seems there are many people that dislike Trump and don't people questions about him. But No questions with nudity or language should be accepted on here, and anyone that sees that stuff need to report it. I mean it is only fair that we all have to follow he same rules on here. A lot of stuff on here is not even questions just people posting comments to either annoy people or just being hateful.
    better_off_here · 6 13
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