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Do women like a guy who can cook?

I'm thinking about getting into cooking so I can have good food FOR FREE. I'm 16. At first I was thinking about making some Chicken then I thought maybe other foods. Then I realized girls would probably like a guy who cooks, so now I have a list of foods to learn how to cook
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  • I know guys are always thinking about the girls and what will interest them about them.
    Hey first of all if you like to cook this might be something that you should research a little because if you can cook really good you could go to culinary school to become a chef and if your really good (I'm not sure what at top chef makes for a living but it might pay off pretty good)
    Something to keep in your head do things you like too do don't do it to impress anybody do it for yourself if not just to learn how to cook and not rely on someone else to do it for you. OH and one more thing about us girls most of us like nice guys with good personalities an all that kind of stuff. We don't like guys that are mean and don't treat us good EVEN if they can cook......its who you are that matters all that other stuff you learn along the way of life is just a bonus. But yes I do like a man that isn't hepless and will and can cook.
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  • In this day and age, I feel like it's becoming more of a mandatory thing. With both people in the relationship working, unlike what we saw 50 years ago, whoever is able to cook at the time should cook. A guy who can take care of themselves is pretty attractive.
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  • Being able to cook is a skill, not a personality trait. Yes, many people appreciate having a partner who can cook. But it's not really a reason people are attracted to one another from the get-go.

    By the way, being able to cook doesn't mean your food is free. Sad as it may be, it can be more expensive to eat healthy. Just compare the price of broccoli or some decent apples to a box of mac & cheese, can of Spaghetti-o's or packet of Top Ramen. It's one of the reasons poor people tend to have more health issues....obesity, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, etc.
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  • I love to cook so enjoy a guy who wants to cook with me. You can make some great things together.
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