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Church shooter DYLAN ROOF SENTENCE TO DEATH. should the death penalty be repealed across the nation?

Dylann Roof Is Sentenced to Death in Charleston Church Massacre

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  • I agree with Dylan getting the death penalty BUT I believe that as a matter of public policy the death penalty should be entirely abolished. This may sound contradictory but let me explain.

    Ideally we should only do the death penalty when the crime is the most heinous and when there is absolutely no doubt, not even a seemingly unreasonable one as to the person's guilt.

    However, it's impossible to write a death penalty law so that it would be impossible to sentence an innocent person to death. Doesn't matter how you word the evidentiary standard. You could say "beyond any and all doubt" it still wouldn't eliminate the possibility of jurors making a mistake. So I think as a matter of public policy we shouldn't have the death penalty. That abolishing the death penalty means monsters like Dylan Roof would get to live is worth it if it means saving innocent people from being executed.

    However, since the death penalty is currently on the books had the jurors voted against the death penalty they would not have protected any innocent people as that wouldn't have stopped future juries from approving the death penalty in future cases (whether the convicted was innocent or not). Only repealing the death penalty as a sentencing option can prevent wrongful executions. Since it's on the books and we know for a fact he's guilty and since his crime is that heinous I'm glad Dylan Roof was sentenced to death.
    Frei · 2 1
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    PETER GORE SEER · 21 15
  • The death penalty should not be repealed across the nation. Animals like Dylan Roof don't deserve to live.
    standsay · 14 15
  • His name is actually spelled "Dylann". Personally, I think he deserves the death penalty. I've read Dylann's manifesto, and I gotta admit, he brought up a lot of vital points about our society and racism, in general. But his political message, combined with his intelligence, doesn't disregard the fact that he killed completely innocent church-going people. None of those people ever did anything to him...except invite him into their church with open arms. What Dylann did was a very selfish act. Now if Dylann would've carried out an act of vigilante justice (like going after heroin dealers, crack dealers, or vicious street gangs)...then maybe I'd view him differently. But all in all...he took innocent lives. He absolutely deserves the death penalty for what he did. I mean, if the death penalty was designed for anyone...Dylann should be a well defined example. Along with James Holmes (the Colorado movie theater shooter)...he should be sitting on death row right now. Anyone who pointlessly takes innocent lives should be sentenced to death.
    WickedSpider012012 · 14 2
  • It will 20 years before this guy will be executed. He'll be in 40's by then. Chances are in that time he's going to understand what he did and be terribly sorry. In real life however chances are the death penalty will be outlawed in the next 20 years. If so he'll spend the next 60 plus years in a 23 hour a day lock down. What a waste of a life!
    Noah · 5 6
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