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Church shooter DYLAN ROOF SENTENCE TO DEATH. should the death penalty be repealed across the nation?

Dylann Roof Is Sentenced to Death in Charleston Church Massacre

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  • I agree with Dylan getting the death penalty BUT I believe that as a matter of public policy the death penalty should be entirely abolished. This may sound contradictory but let me explain.

    Ideally we should only do the death penalty when the crime is the most heinous and when there is absolutely no doubt, not even a seemingly unreasonable one as to the person's guilt.

    However, it's impossible to write a death penalty law so that it would be impossible to sentence an innocent person to death. Doesn't matter how you word the evidentiary standard. You could say "beyond any and all doubt" it still wouldn't eliminate the possibility of jurors making a mistake. So I think as a matter of public policy we shouldn't have the death penalty. That abolishing the death penalty means monsters like Dylan Roof would get to live is worth it if it means saving innocent people from being executed.

    However, since the death penalty is currently on the books had the jurors voted against the death penalty they would not have protected any innocent people as that wouldn't have stopped future juries from approving the death penalty in future cases (whether the convicted was innocent or not). Only repealing the death penalty as a sentencing option can prevent wrongful executions. Since it's on the books and we know for a fact he's guilty and since his crime is that heinous I'm glad Dylan Roof was sentenced to death.
    Frei · 2 1
  • In most cases I adamantly oppose the death penalty. Not in principle but, in its specific use in the US. Our death rows are disproportionately populated with minorities and the poor, as are our prisons in general. There have been many hundreds of men sent to prison after convictions for crimes not their own. The Innocence Project has fought for and won release of men who had been sentenced to die, some after decades on death row. Since we can not take either race or money out of the criminal justice system (perhaps it could be done, but WE have not been able) or assure that an innocent man will never be convicted, the death penalty should not be used. The end result from of a flawed system should not be permanent.
    However, with this waste of DNA there is no doubt as to his guilt. His punishment can not be severe enough to fit his crimes. I believe that serving an LWOP sentence in the general population would actually be a more just punishment than the 20 years or so that he'll be sitting protected on death row. It would also cost the tax payers considerably less.
    gottathink · 44 7
  • I don't see the purpose in the death penalty. I mean it is almost like getting off too easy. Look at it from this perspective, prison seems kind of suckish. You cannot leave, you cannot have sex, you cannot do anything fun, and you do the same thing for the rest of your life. To me that is a punishment worse than death, lack of freedom. I feel the death penalty is actually humane, better than prison. I guess it really doesn't matter either way he'll die in prison, whether 60 or 20 years from now, I think he just got off pretty easy that's all.
    Wolf · 7 0
  • Why do you ask this question while using dylan roof in the context... in his case no, while the death penalty is still valid in law his sentence is fair, why NOW should you be asking if it should be repealed lol...

    in other cases though where proof is not as clear as this one; no video proof or confession yeah it should not exist because humans make errors when judging a situation and too many times the one sentenced is not actually guilty
    Noah · 5 6
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