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Describe Meryl Streep in one word?

  • Answers
  • Meryl Streep = Badassedmothefuckingbitch
    Lieutenant Uhura · 6 17
  • Meryl-streep
    ? · 11 31
  • No single word will ever define Meryl Streep.
    She's inspirational, talented, and better than Donald Trump.
    Are all of you Trump supporters telling me that he didn't make fun of a disabled reporter on live television?
    If so, please enlighten me. Even though there's footage of it everywhere.
    Celebrities are highly looked at in America, especially well known actresses like Meryl Streep. She was simply trying to tell everyone to influence America to stay together, be strong, even if this callow man is our president.
    ? · 25 48
  • Original
    ? · 27 55
  • Queen
    Bisexual Aromantic · 19 12

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