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Do you hurt people around you without even realizing it?

I do 😢😢😢😔😔😔
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    I probably do, but it's unwittingly, and I'd never mean to on purpose.
    Mihalis · 3 2
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  • Yeah. I'm sure I do and I don't even mean to do so. That's the sad part. I would rather see someone be happy, smile and not have to go through much but I make things harder for others. Yeah, I feel bad about it and I try my best to be a better person and not let how other people have messed me up effect me too much. The truth is I am over stressed, depressed might even have ptsd. My eyes are tired and I feel like I can't handle being around people anymore. I don't know what I'm going to do. People can be really nice or the worst thing in the world. I get the hands full of mean people.
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  • The Bible says in Matthew to do as to others as you would have done to yourself if one is conscious of how they would like to be treated they will make every effort to avoid mistreating others

    When one follows Bible principles as outlined in God's word they will have a healthy Outlook I'm not only their own lives but that of the other people around them however this takes a study of God's word to Jesus I encourage you to do so look into the Bible for those type of answers

    I hope this helps
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  • If one tries to be honest, but an honest answer hurts them, what is one to do? Would people prefer dishonesty for the sake of their feelings? Would they still be hurt if they found out you were dishonest with them, even for the sake of their feelings?
    Bye Binks · 1 2