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Do you think Donald Trump is Racist?

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  • No, only the knowledge of the old era are racist...for they do not help their neighbor grow like Mexico. If you look for what God blessings have given to America and they do not share it to their neighbors, means YOU are bad...BAD.

    but some will tell you story that you just wonder around, like this:

    People are retarded. Just so you know, ILLEGAL isn't a race. Wanting to build a wall to keep out ILLEGALS (CRIMINALS) isn't racist.

    Trump cannot choose who supports. The fact that the KKK agrees with him on some things doesn't mean anything. The bottom line is that Trump has never stated that he hates or discriminates against any race. Lets put this into perspective:

    1. Do you like dogs?
    2. Do you oppose communism?
    3. Do you like mustaches?

    These may seem like decently reasonable things, but if you said yes to any of them, your ideas line up with Hitler's=You agree with Hitler on everything=You are a Nazi racist fascist.

    See how stupid that is?

    Also, just because his family members in the past have done things that some consider to be racist, don't make Trump racist. Racist views aren't passed down genetically.
    LOVE · 11 7
  • Remember that racism is a created concept. Man has always had thoughts, and the part of those thoughts that may offend those of a different skin colour for example, has been called 'racism.' But racism is something that is bad only when people hear it. When you think it, it's OK, because no one knows. It doesn't stop people being racist, it stops them from talking.


    When it comes to elections, the ones you hear more are the ones who shout the loudest, and the ones who shout the loudest do so because they talk of sensitive subjects. In the US election, the Democrats shouted the loudest because they accused Donald Trump of being racist. Yes, he has said some silly things, but we hear that because he just says what he thinks. When you accuse someone of being racist, everyone listens. You only hear the worst, and only what the press reports and what social media talks about. Trump is not racist because the reason that he wants to restrict illegal immigration and have tighter border controls is security, not xenophobia.
    John · 4 8
  • Yes. He judges entire groups of people based on the minority of that group. He assumes that all Mexicans are criminals for rape and murder. He also assumes that any person who has ever spent time in the Middle East is a terrorist. Trump will destroy the economy, while tanking the population for the next four years, just to keep nonwhites and half the blacks out of our country. The USA is a stage 4 country of the demographic transition, meaning that we have a low birth rate. Our population depends on immigration, which trump will try to ban or greatly deplete.
    Jake · 10 8
  • Just a question, anybody! would you actually know what racism is unless you were racist yourself? English seems to be our universal form of communication, besides a wink or a nod, so from that aspect are we using our 'common sence' to destroy and anihilate each other? and why? Why cant we all just pick on people that dont even understand what were saying? My Grandmother did it. english was her 2nd language and sheld put the boot in when people pissed her off, mostly in front of them, so if he is racist, theres probly a good reason for that.
    Mark · 6 6
  • It doesn't matter if people "think" he's racist. The fact is, he is not.
    The Media has called him racist a thousand times with no proof or justification, and many people are brain-dead morons who believe whatever their TV tells them they believe. So whether or not someone "thinks" Trump's racist is ultimately irrelevant.
    Devon · 9 9
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