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Why is Donald Trump such a big cry baby though?

If anyone is critical of him he automatically attacks them in some way or another instead of evaluating what was said.
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  • It's amazing how many liberal cry babies come into a site like this and bash away. George Bush never retailiated and the endless criticism never stopped. Thank God we now have someone that will put these elitists schmucks in their place. Obama spoke well and did his best to destroy the country. So many buffoons use their ears instead of their eyes to see what's going on. 90 million people have lost their jobs and have stopped looking. Do you understand that is more people than were killed in both World Wars combined? 5 million more on Welfare. Black unemployment is at record highs. The Boston Marathon, Pulse Nightclub, govt building in Cal, Americans in Benghazi all murdered and Obama defends the murderers. Meanwhile, Trump has raised a beautiful family that earns their own way and won't feed off the taxpayers. He saw how alcohol destroyed his brother and so he doesn't drink and neither do his kids. Clinton has proved she would sell us all off for a big paycheck from a foreign govt. And yet you liberal twits want to be smarmy about Trump. What imbecilic idiots you all are. Go back into mommy's basement and look forward to getting a promotion at your barrista job.
    Kid Shelleen · 5 8
  • He will either go down in history as Americas greatest president or Americas worst president.

    I think his problem will be money.
    He is a money focused person. Running a business is all about making money, but running a country is also about people. Will he have the ability to recognise that not everyone is a Donald Trump and so not everyone has the same needs as his. Some people have needs totally opposite to his.

    I know if I was a betting man where my money would go.
    xxx000au · 3 2
  • Why would someone be offended by this question or offer an argument against it? We are all raised from childhood towards a specific line of values. Either we rebel against them dependent on opposition from society or we conform. Disgust and value tell you something of your personality. Either way you are choosing a side, you are conforming. Trump is an acutely narcissistic child that is a fact and sadly enough people find value in selfishness to elect him. Leaders crave power no matter the left or the right. We have leaders because we follow. We have an ideal. Yet it doesn't correlate with reality.
    ? · 7 27
  • I was going to as this same question, worded a little differently. My opinion on why Trump is such a BABY is because he is a bully and he cannot handle anyone who is even slightly critical of him. He behaves like he calls others (Nazi Germany -really) and he seems to need to do a back up two step every time he opens his mouth, only to blame others for his lies.
    Observer · 1 1
  • Trump has such thin skin he will not be able to handle being the president. every time someone says something he dislikes he has to go on twitter and complain and make some childish comment about them. It is like Trump can not handle it if someone dislikes him. He is way too sensitive to run this country he has to rant and name call on social media every time he someone makes a small comment about him. He needs to grow up and stop worrying about what other people think of him.
    better_off_here · 11 17
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