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POLL: Who will pay for the Southern Border Wall, The Mexican Government or The American Taxpayer?

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  • Well you missed him on tv him and his kids the next vice president trumps accountant the media asking questions and trump going over all kinds of crap one including America building not a fence but a wall on the mexico American border and that he (trump) was already talking to whoevers in charge of mexico and getting moving on it before he even gets in that white house not going to wait to get started. Trump says that Mexico is glad to see a wall go up and for the reasons it is going up and he says that Mexico has agreed to pay for this wall. Swear I'm telling you the truth that's what he said. But he did say that all the bugs haven't been set in concrete in regards to how Mexico is going to pay us back and it may not be worked out for another 2 years it may be something like a lay a way plan give us so much back every year or something. That's what he said. Now remember something he will be up for re election in 4 more years if he gets re elected he can spend another 4 in there. if he's a complete disaster the people wont vote him back in and all those things he started whats gonna happen to them when someone else new comes along and takes his place. This is probably one of the biggest crap shoots ever in American history Donald Trump he's gonna do one of 3 things he's gonna go down the toilet fast he'll be a mediocur ho hum president or he'll do everything he says and be a great one I hope he's a great one and one that doesn't start word war 3 with any of these other countries I don't especially believe in politicians anyway what they say talk is cheap especially in politics I'll believe it when I see it and not before and honestly darlin that's all any of us can do is sit and watch
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  • My guess is that the US taxpayer will pay. But maybe some total political miracle will occur and Trump will be able to keep his campaign promise. Who knows.

    Interestingly, some political pundits say that most of his voters don't actually expect him to keep his word on this one, but like him just because he expressed their frustrations in an almost graphic way.

    As "Dilbert" cartoonist Scott Adams has written, Trump is a master at saying things that you can almost visualize happening, even if what he's saying is nonsense. The image of a giant wall along the border is one that even a somewhat simple-minded person can "see" in his or her imagination. Even if this isn't practical, or wouldn't actually solve the problem at hand.

    Some experts say that Trump voters get this, and they support the guy because his colorful and attractive images get across the emotions they feel, no matter whether Trump will actually do what he says.

    -- democratic socialist
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  • In 2006, Hillary and Obama, along with other members of Congress, introduced a bill that would fund a wall with taxpayer money. It was approved but the project was stalled. Now, Trump can implement that project using taxpayer funds, and recoup that money later by withholding payments to Mexico using a provision from the Patriot Act.
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  • WHAT wall? There won't be any wall built by Mexico funding, and there won't be any wall built by American taxpayers, either. tRUMP will settle for a few patches on the existing fence along the border, that's all, and he'll hire his cronies (possibly those he had business dealings with, as payoff) to allow them to over-charge, double charge and pay non-existent "ghost" workers whose salaries will go into someone's pocket. What else can we expect from a KNOWN swindler, cheat, crook and con artist like tRUMP?
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