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Conservatives be honest. Are you racist?

Do you see blacks, Indians, middle eaterns, Asians and so on as your equal or do you value them differently? Are you racist?
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  • I wouldn't exactly label myself as "a conservative". But I gotta admit, I do agree with the right wingers on some issues. It's safe to say that I'm an anti-liberal. But to answer your, I'm not racist. I don't think that any specific race is more superior than the other. Now if I was a bleeding heart liberal, I would basically get a pass on all accusations of racism. I find this really annoying and ignorant. What makes you think that liberals aren't racist? For years, the left wingers have instilled this idea that blacks and foreigners should be dependent on government assistance. Under the Obama presidency, this idea co-dependence is off the charts. The liberals are racist for not thinking that blacks and foreigners have the ability to support themselves. That's what differs between the left wingers and the right wingers. And that's what makes the left wingers racist and manipulative. They don't believe in giving blacks and other races their own independence. Liberals have created a slave system. Conservatives are not the ones to blame for the current racism situation in our country. Liberals should take a look in the mirror and observe the mess they have created.
    WickedSpider012012 · 17 31
  • I'm a realist who accepts empirical evidence, no matter how politically incorrect.

    That includes accepting the reality that not all the 'races' are the same. Average intelligence levels differ, and so does physiology (just ask your doctor, certain racial groups are more likely to suffer certain illnesses than others). After leaving Africa humans evolved in isolation and adapted to different environments, modern day Europeans and Asians have up to 2% Neanderthal DNA, which helped us to adapt to colder and harsher climates as well build complex tools and shelter. There's a childish ideological agenda behind pretending all humans are equal and race is just a skin colour. There are big intellectual differences between, say, the Japanese and Somalians, and deep down, you know this too. It's been made pretty obvious for decades that certain groups just don't make desirable immigrant groups in the West, such as Muslims who tend to be of developing world stock.

    For the record, I also accept the evidence of sex/gender differences, even the ones that are unfavourable to me as a woman. Men on average are bigger, stronger and faster than Women. Men are more suited to certain jobs than women where physical fitness or strength is concerned, say, military ground combat. There are also more male geniuses and inventors than female ones. Men are more represented at both the top and the bottom ends of the spectrum in terms of IQ, than women, meaning there's also more male dunces than female ones. Is this "fair"? No. But it's REALITY. Get over it.

    Just because something hurts your "feelings" doesn't make it any less true. Now, don't twist what I say, I am not suggesting "all blacks are dumb" or anything as asinine as that, however the number of blacks who are on the right side of the curve (so to speak) are much lower than Whites and Northeast Asians. We already have real world evidence that a society run by black people is not as successful as a society run by white people.

    I don't fit into the tedious black and white American conservative/liberal dichotomy, although I do mostly lean to the Right on economic and some social issues. However, I am also an atheist and can't stand religious BS.
    Left-Wing delusions on race and sex are the equivalent to Creationism. Utterly retarded.
    Maria ッ 💖 · 17 0
  • It's not good to generalize but as it seems now..most conservatives are racist. We get what we see. Rightwing media and the "alt-right" bashing on minority groups so which faction do they categorizes themselves as? Conservatives. Some Asian reporter took a screen of Tillerson's notes and the trolls went after ANY female Asian reporter they can think of without even realizing that anything on the floor is open to the public. They talk about deporting her without even question if she's an American. Besides it's his fault or maybe he didn't care if other people saw what he laid out on the table. This is discrimination. Still it's an illogical fallacy to say that all conservatives are racists but more accurate to say that the "majority" are because they as proven are okay with this type of behavior. Do you see any conservatives condoning all the hate against minorities? No. The facts are too obvious. Naturally any sane person would want allies rather than someone from the minority group I would want both allies from liberals and conservatives but it just won't happen with conservatives. Most of you guys don't even think of us Asians as Americans even when we are all immigrants that came to this land. We just can't seem to see eye to eye. You guys will think that you are the natural inheritor to this land when most of you think like confederates but the UNION were the ones who made this country great by opening up to diversity. This is not a conservative's a liberal thing. Time to wake up.
    Tomo · 4 4
  • No, I'm Not a racist however If they're Not American citizens, I do view them differently. You ask this quest like you believe You are better than Conservative American citizens, be honest now. You believe you're equal to everyone in the world but superior to Conservative Americans, right? Otherwise why would You be asking such a provocative Racist type of question.
    Demsey Dumpster · 6 6
  • First of all you cannot classify an entire group as racist because of their political opinions, a person is racist because they are racist and they happen to be conservative, but being a conservative does not automatically make you racist. There are conservatives in every county, Mexico, Iran, Japan, Sweden you name it every country has conservative and liberal people.

    Second of all i am a first generation American, with brown skin, I have a middle eastern Muslim name, but speak Spanish and don't believe in god, my mom came from latin America and my dad from East India. If you want to talk about diverse and multi-racial im right here and im as much of a minority as it gets, i am even a minority withiin a minority. I have conservative ideas on certain things, but sometimes lean to the left, i would say more independent than anything
    Kingkhan · 6 1

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