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Do guns kill people or do people kill people?

  • Best Answer
    None of my guns never killed anybody, they just sit quietly where I keep them.
    Do pencils make mis spelled words?
    daniel g · 4 1
  • Other Answer
  • Ignorance kills people, and it always has.
    java · 3 3
  • People lobbying for freer ownership of guns kill people.
    nineteenthly · 19 3
  • People are the ones that pull the trigger so therefor people kill people. Criminals don't care about breaking the law , so even if guns were made harder to get legally it would only really matter to the law abiding citizens. There is plenty of criminals who can either rob, or buy from the black market. And you don't need a gun to carry out mass murders either, there are terrorists that use bombs & vehicles
    lisbet · 3 19
  • Usually it is the bullet that kills, not the gun.
    Johnh · 26 9
  • Do prisons imprison people or do cops imprison people?
    Jim · 22 4

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