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Do you accept Donald Trump as your president?

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    How can I accept him knowing that the country refused him by 3 million votes?
    sophieb · 0 2
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  • Definitely. Only illegals and terrorists don't accept him as our president.
    sophieb · 0 2
  • I am not from America, but If I am, I will consider him as the President.
    Move on guys. Just support what has been chosen by the majority
    ivosanz · 4 0
  • No
    AlgerienParis · 5 1
  • Yes, but what I don't accept is any leader trying to divide Israel. We can call ourselves Christian and we can be ignorant baby Christians that do not know the Word of God, but to know God's word and to disobey it and not fear God is the most inexcusable act according to the Word of God. God admits in Scripture that His land will be divided, but He is not at all happy about it. And any nation that goes against God will be punished. Dividing Israel's land is not blessing lsrael as all believes are told to do. A few displaced Palestinians are not worth a nation. Consider why these people refuse to let Israel live in the East? Why did Herod refuse to let Hebrew babies live?
    Jeancommunicates · 4 4
    Taylor · 11 14
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