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Would you pay $4.99 for an Android/iOS game?

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  • OObviously yes, a good game at that price yes.
    Enough Trolls · 0 0
  • I rent movies off Amazon for that much, so maybe.
    perfectlybaked · 0 1
  • Not in a thousand years
    Anon · 0 0
  • It ultimately depends on the game itself & the content provided. On premium games, I have spend up to $20 on a single standalone game & over $100 on a single game with premium, non-consumable DLC. I will note that the games I spent money on were well known games by respectable AAA publishers that have high replay values, so I'm getting my money's worth on them.

    Those that were more indie, I was a bit more hesitant in opening my wallet... especially games that their microtransactions & DLC (especially the consumable DLC) are nothing more than cash-grabs. However, with some mobile sales (like those on Humble Bundle), I'm a bit more willing to experiment since I'm getting a reasonable deal.

    If a new game came out that's $5 in the Google Play Store (as I'm not into iPhones), I would dig into the details & possibly look at some outside sources if it seriously interest me before pulling the trigger... so the makers of the game would have to do a fairly reasonable job to earn my business, as I'm not afraid to request a refund if things don't work out within the store's window (which I've only done with a handful of games due to technical issues).
    TStodden · 0 1
  • It would have to be a game I was able to try for free since I would never blindly pay anything for a game. And I would have to really want the full no-ads no-additional-pay-features version.

    Generally I am quite happy on Android playing free games. iOS users, on the other hand, may be more used to paying for apps.
    cathugger · 0 0
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