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Do game developers like it when we exploit their games?

Like finding ways to get endless in game currency, stuff like that
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    It very much depends on the exploit. If it's something that's used to break/cripple the game in a way as to undermine the experience (ie duping in a loot based game), they hate it and it'll be patched. if it creates an unintentional play experience that's a positive one, it can be welcomed. Biggest one of those is combos in fighting games - this was a glitch in Street Fighter II - The World Warriors, but Capcom wisely realized it made the game much deeper than they ever intended it to be and wholeheartedly embraced it, creating the modern genre.
    Chris · 0 3
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  • They make the glitch themselves to make the game more fun, but then they patch it to make you sorrowful
    Anon · 1 2
  • They probably don’t mind ;)
    Laura · 1 0
  • prolly not. you like it NOT getting a paycheck?
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  • It depends, not every developer is the same, obviously some developers try to block out cheats and some add them, it just depends on who they are, what type of game it is, and if they charge for certain features. Even for a while it was clear that rockstar didn't want people exploiting their game.
    72dolphins · 0 1

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