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Can u give birth while skyduiving?

can u do it i have passion for diving(sky) and want a new baby to have the same get the rush and feel the wind from a plane
  • Answers
  • If youre super loose maybe.
    Sean · 0 0
  • The length of time the fall is too short to allow for giving birth and anyway the midwife would probably refuse to go with you.
    Louise · 0 0
  • No you can't

    But can touch your nosetip with your tongue while looking upwards
    llaffer · 1 0
  • You are obviously a troll and it's not that hard to figure that out and no you can't do that and you know that. It is against the law, the baby probably wouldn't live. You probably wouldn't live. There are just too many problems with that and I don't know why you would ever think of something like that
    72dolphins · 2 0
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