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I'll never understand the double standard online gaming?

Had a bad player complaining nonstop for over an hour about the game and the players nonstop. Cursing, accusing people of cheating, etc. And not one word from other players. I play normally and just day "Hey guys I need more backup" Then you hear others say "OMG why do you complain so much!!!!" Yet the other guy is crying the whole time and nothing is said about him.
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  • It because people ignore them, something you need to learn to do. They probably turn their mics off entirely or at least the chat volume if their gear has that option; mine does. I still play COD and there are plenty of whiney people like that. They accuse people of cheating or their team of sucking and I'm just like, "**sighs** uh huh." There is no point in arguing with them because they are determined to think they are right about you being a modder or sucking. You can call them a sore loser, a whiney *****, or taking too much pride in video games, but they'll just get even more pissy and try to insult you all the more.

    You need to learn to just ignore them and laugh at them instead of being easily enraged by their pathetic rants.
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