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Hospital billing question?

This might be confusing way of wording. So, I got into an accident and the other person was at fault so their insurance is paying out. Went to the hospital, bill came out to $2,200 or so.
My personal health insurance (who I do not have anymore) payed out $1700 of the bill. So only $500 left for the other persons insurance to pay. Their insurance sent a check for the full $2200 bill to the hospital. Which meant they sent $1700 more than what the bill came out to. What happens to that $1700? Do they send a check back to the insurance? Do they send the check to me? Cause I have no clue what to expect. (It was a wellstar hospital, located in GA, the guy had State Farm, not sure if this info is relevant but figured I’d throw it out there)
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  • Kjj
    ANTHONY · 0 0
  • The hospital returns the amount your insurer already paid out and keeps the difference (meaning what you were required to pay).
    Casey Y · 1 0
  • It should be reimbursed to your insurance carrier.
    Steven S · 0 0
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