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Why zombie game location always set at the countryside?

Why? a lot of zombie game map or location always in the countryside or Tropical Island or something like that,instead of the city?
Like famous game:The walking dead,Dying light,Dead island
I seldom see the zombie game location set in the city
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  • Children why don't we dismiss fictional zombies and throw all zombie stuff in the dumpster
    And move on with your life. Your as pathetic as girls fixated on unicorns or being a princess even when they are flat broke mad loving in public housing on welfare.
    YOUR ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. life is short don't waste it on fictional bs.
    zeno · 0 0
  • Future survivalist failure in the making here.

    "Hmmm nearly all people have turned into tireless murder machines. Let's all go to the city!"
    ? · 2 0
  • it would be too hard to distinguish the zombies from all the other people walking around zoned out in a city...
    lynn · 1 0
  • Good graphics
    Lauren · 1 0
  • The reason i think is because setting in the countryside allows to add a good story fluency whereas in the city you would constantly have to fight off zombies since cities are very populated
    Mohammed · 1 1
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