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Would any country be stupid enough to nuke another country?

Or is it all just talk
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  • yes, north korea has made the treats.
    mdk68gto, ase certified m tech · 1 2
  • If you get a leader of a country who is psychotic enough, anything is possible
    Joseph · 4 2
  • The reasoning of "MAD".(mutual assured destruction - deterrence ) has worked right the way through the cold war and continues to be understood by the 5 original nuclear armed countries and several others .The moment some fool thinks that he can win a war by first use of nuclear weapons is when life on earth stops.... that should be a sobering thought for anyone... but there are fools out there and its never being more dangerous than it is now.
    robert x · 1 2
  • We nuked japan, and it was not stupid. The expected casualties from an invasion of the japanese homeland was more than a million Allied and ten to twenty million Japanese, based on the results of Iwo Jima and Okinawa. The Japanese government refused to negotiate, so we dropped the bombs to bring them to the table.

    My father was one of the men who did not have to risk death and mutilation as a result. It was not stupid to ensure that the casualties were not American, and it would have been criminal to have refused to do so. Truman saved a million llied lives and even more Japanese. Just investigate the history for yourself.
    humpty · 8 4

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