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What kind of president is Donald Trump!?

  • Best Answer
    A person with no morals
    Billy · 1 2
  • Other Answer
  • A little better than Obama. that kind. It is a low bar but hey the trend is in our favor.
    pH of 7 · 4 3
  • He's a good businessman but he has a bad Temper. He spent too much time using negative press in NY to work his status and he literally feeds off the Bad News the media throws his way.

    The Media is at odds with him because most of the people working in the Media are too fixated on Social issues. They spend too much time obsessing over Obama era issues that really only effect a small portion of the population.
    ? · 28 15
  • One who puts his country first, a patriotic president who loves God and country!
    ALBERT · 16 10
  • One who doesn't care if you dislike him, go ahead scream all you want, he still won.
    Joseph · 24 36
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