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Would you be happy being the one that always pays for things?

I love my girl to death but she claims she has all this credit card debt and can't keep up with my life style of traveling and stuff. I told her I don't expect you to pay for even half but contribute a little. She makes a big deal about 100.00 towards a 2 thousand dollar trip. Every single one of my friends says she is using me. I want to believe that she loves me because she never really asks to go anywhere its all my idea but she don't pay for ****! She has all these designer cloths that she claims was given to her by some beautique store 20 years ago but yet Iv'e been with her way over a year and these cloths look brand new and I've never seen her wear the same thing twice. It really causes trust issues. My mom says she is just living the life buying all these clothes claiming to be broke and I'm paying for everything. Can someone please help me out on this one?
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  • Only do things with her that cost no money. Use the money you have only to pay for things that only you can use, like nice clothes and gaming. Go out with your friends to places without taking her with you if it will cost money. Always say you don’t have money. if she point out about the things you got just say it was given to you. She will show her true self after a while that you don’t pay for stuff for her.
    kahhalah · 0 1
  • Stop and ask yourself, can poor people show love if they don't have any money?
    John · 7 6
  • No
    ChocolateCake · 1 7
  • Test her. Go on a trip and do not take her. Tell her you thought she was broke.
    Jadzia Dax · 3 5
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