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Who would be your pick of a world leader in event of an alien invasion?

should an alien invasion happen and start a war,which of todays modern leaders would head up a world alliance to fight them?

personally id pick putin
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  • my wife she knows everything ..........
    Christopher Horne · 0 1
  • That whole "alien invasion" idea is lame. Think about it, they have the high ground. They can just sit up in the asteroid belt and drop rocks on us. It would only take a few to totally disrupt our weather, causing another massive extinction like with the dinosaurs. We would have mass starvation, mass death and they could come down in a year or two and take what they want.
    USAFisnumber1 · 1 1
  • Putin?? He'd sell us out in a second. He'd be that Vichy French guy in all those WW2 movies.....Petain. (Even sounds kind of the same) As long as the aliens let him keep his bank accounts.

    I'd look for one of the aliens, you know like those guys who tried to blow up Hitler. We're gonna need some help on the inside, maybe the leader of the alien resistance, I think cause there's nothing going on down here! Why are they even invading????
    Sfancik · 1 1
  • William Shatner
    Rockford · 1 1
  • The German lady, Merkel.
    Maria · 1 0

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