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Who's more intelligent, Obama or Trump?

  • Answers
  • If President Trump is intelligent he hides it pretty well That might be totally unfair because I am basing that on making good decisions for America but maybe if I based it on how badly someone could cheat an entire country for person gain President Trump is more intelligent.
    Although President Obama was obviously like intelligent he still made a couple of bad decisions like putting so many not related to trade provisions in the Pacific Partnership that even the Electronic Frontiers Foundation didn't like it
    chorle · 3 16
  • Obama
    Usman · 30 23
  • Obama
    Md Rafiul · 25 33
  • Elon Musk!
    Yash · 33 20
  • If Obama had a lobotomy done, he would still be much more intelligent than Trump.
    truth seeker · 49 43
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