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  • Yes. The time has come.
    Yash · 9 6
  • I am not a United States citizen, but the answer is NO!!!!

    Reason ; he has not done anything against the Constitution.
    Yes!!! He is a bombastic maverick , and cannot play the political game, but that is NOT breaking the Constitution.
    lenpol7 · 3 4
  • The world seems to be upside down. His predecessor got a Nobel price for being a calamity for this country and this president is getting so much opposition for trying to do the right thing for this country. I guess he must be doing the right thing to make so many people mad! His opposition has not been able to come up with one concrete clear impeachable offence. In case his opposition would care one bit about this country they would try to support him a bit as he has to deal with such serious problems as Iran and North Korea!
    ALBERT · 9 22
  • Not quite
    J · 14 27
  • For what ? Best president to date.
    EM-water2 · 18 46

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