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Why are liberals so good at winning arguments?

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  • Politics isn't a matter of "winning arguments", it's a matter of getting other people to pay your medical bills. Liberals don't care about right and wrong, they care about getting your money to pay their medical bills. It's impossible to use logic on a liberal for the simple reason that liberals value other people's money more than they value logic.
    Donnie Doom · 0 6
  • Because truth is fact and facts rule.
    dr.pepper106 · 9 6
  • Stick to facts, memorize facts/stats.

    Those don't bend and aren't disputable.

    One can dispute those and contend them with philosophy... i.e. ideas not traversed yet... but that is very difficult to do in realtime.

    Repubs are the last on Earth that would be able to get to that level.
    perfectlybaked · 19 9
  • Because, unlike their conservative counterparts, most liberals aren't allergic to facts, logic, and truth.
    Nick · 24 7

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