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How to get more Instagram followers?

What I mean is somebody will be following only like 30 people and yet they have over 2k+ followers. Is this a secret or something? I don't get it, and I'd like to know because I've had my Instagram for like ever and I have to follow 450+ people for 200+ followers. :( How do they do it?
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  • Be creative with your photos! Don’t look into buying trying to buy followers cause it defeats the purpose of having an account
    Music123 · 0 0
  • Whats instagram ?
    Thats one of those sharing sites where perverts hang out.

    Why ever would you want to go there.
    joedlh · 18 1
  • JUST ASK I asked like 20 people 8/20 said yes and I didn't even have to follow back ask people irl everyone I asked in person followed me
    Traw7772 · 0 1
  • You will get more followers by Sharing your posts again again and make sure your post is attractive.
    ? · 1 1

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