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How to get more Instagram followers?

What I mean is somebody will be following only like 30 people and yet they have over 2k+ followers. Is this a secret or something? I don't get it, and I'd like to know because I've had my Instagram for like ever and I have to follow 450+ people for 200+ followers. :( How do they do it?
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  • Be creative with your photos! Don’t look into buying trying to buy followers cause it defeats the purpose of having an account
    Music123 · 0 1
  • You follow them
    ? · 1 7
  • Do a search on "Buy Instagram Followers". That's what all the celebrities do. The addresses will be stolen or invented and will be basically meaningless. But it will give you bragging rights if that's what's important to you. My advice, however, would be to get a life.
    joedlh · 18 1
  • JUST ASK I asked like 20 people 8/20 said yes and I didn't even have to follow back ask people irl everyone I asked in person followed me
    Traw7772 · 0 1

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