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Do you think the end of Israel is near?

So much violence in Israel right now by the Palestinians from Gaza and West Bank and its gonna become even more deadly in their Nakba day on 15h May. Iran will have so much advantage if they invade Israel on that day along with Hamas and Hezbollah and the Palestinian refugees crossing the Jordan border to West Bank
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  • I pray for the liberation of Jerusalem every day. Death to zionists.
    upwardly_mobile_home · 1 0
  • Palestians are pretty weak, no real danger to Israel. But when US Prot Fundamentalists turn on them for not building a temple in Jerusalem, then things will get far more difficult. Israelis lack the ability to exterminate their neighbors, the way the US exterminated its natives.
    Zhu · 0 1
  • No
    MIKE L · 2 1
  • What exactly do you think the five million Palestinian refugees, which Israel has refused to let return, mostly women and children, who have barely the means to stay alive and feed their families, many who have been living in refugee camps for decades are going to do?

    Throw stones at the Israeli army? Well we have all seen what they do to people throwing stones.
    Jas B · 0 3
  • If it the end for Israel it's the end for us also. The politicians would make all of us die for the Jews like in Poland, ghettos.
    Al Capone · 9 4

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