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Do people who have children find those who decide not to have children a threat?

I never had children, I'm a healthy woman in her mid fifties, have had a good career and can now travel all I like as I work wherever my laptop is (digital nomad). I have had a couple of relationships but neither I felt, sufficiently stable to form a family so I decided to focus on career and retire early (now semi-retired, hence all the travel). I notice that those friends and family who have young or adolescent children do not contact me any longer. We meet maybe once, when I'm home and then they exclude me from get-togethers. One told me that I didn't know what hard work was (she obviously has a short memory as I was slaving for professional exams all through my 20s while she was living it up with her then boyfriend, now husband..they have 3 children and she works too). Another one told me she has to work even after she comes home to her 2 little toddlers (answer emails etc.). She also said when I was away last time 'I envy you so much!'

Do you think they feel I'm a threat or they just feel I won't understand their lives?
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    Only the very insecure do, but they feel threatened by anyone making other life-choices than they themselves did
    ? · 1 0
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  • No
    Wayne · 1 1
  • Quite the opposite. People who do not have children are often looked down upon by those who do. The reason is because having children is a major part of the human experience. People who choose not to are seen as not fulfilling a pivotal human function.

    Then again, this ties back to the evolutionary need for the species to self replicate.
    Christina Lyons · 4 0
  • No I don’t really care if those that don’t want children as a threat obviously it’s their life and not mines 🤷🏿‍♀️
    shiddy634life · 1 3
  • I don't find you a threat at all. On the contrary, I feel adults without children are not "adults" in the sense that they have not felt the heavy burden of responsibility, nor the joy that comes with having children. Childless couples seem to be very self-centered, probably because they only have themselves to worry about. The childless couples I know are always talking about travel, food, beer, etc.
    runningman022003 · 1 0

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