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What is the worst Clinton scandal?

A. Whitewater
B. Monica Lewinsky
C. Stealing WH furniture
D. Benghazi
E: Clinton Foundation pay to play
F: Email server
  • Best Answer
    In my personal opinion, the Benghazi was the worst one.
    This one was during the Gaddafi war and her incompetence led to the storming of the embassy and the death of American citizens.

    She got off lucky on that one because she was with Obama but anybody else would have fired her and kept her away from politics forever.
    Albert · 5 4
  • Other Answer
  • "What is the worst Clinton scandal?"

    In general, I'd say Hillary Clinton. Can you think of a worse one?
    MAD MAX · 10 10
  • Liars like lies, traitors like traitors and just how old are you? You're living in the past repeating Russian talking points.
    retired old sarge · 9 16
  • So many choices, so hard to choose just one.
    thomas f · 13 10

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