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Will my children ever be able to live in a safe gun free society?

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  • Safe? Since when have human's ever been in a safe world? If humans don't kill human's I'm sure something else old age or the venom from a killer spider. If it weren't for bug repellent where would we be? We live in a volatile reality and the only way we will ever survive is through cooperation. Together we stand.
    SOGWAP37 · 2 1
  • only if they go into a communist/ dictatorship controlled country or society where everything the say, think, do, have etc. are controlled by the government... Thats the only way they will live in a gun free society and that is when ONLY THE GOVERNMENT HAS GUNS TO KEEP THEM UNDER THEIR CONTROL>.
    retired old sarge · 3 1
  • Only if they move to Canada or certain countries in Europe etc. where people’s lives are valued more than access to firearms. Tell your children to study a foreign language or two in school and to get the hell out of this country if at all possible as soon as they can. This country has always lived by the gun and it will die by the gun. Which is what is happening right now. Out of my cold dead hands, etc.. That’s the NRA’s philosophy and all these politicians who make our gun laws are taking wads of campaign money from the NRA, so YOUR children can get shot in public schools while they send THEIRS to safe private schools. People think this is the greatest country because they’ve never been anywhere else. If they had, they would know that there are a lot of places where people are treated better and can live safer and happier lives than here. Where they don’t have to worry that their children might not make it out of high school alive
    out2lunch4now2 · 0 6
  • Take them to England gun free but not knife or bomb free
    Full Circle 33 · 7 4

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