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Is Trump's most recent douchebaggery really Justin Trudeau's fault?

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  • It's above my head that's all.
    Richard D · 5 3
  • I don’t know what you’re referring to because I can’t keep up. But the answer is no.
    Janet S · 2 4
  • Ex-plaine yourself in what you mean by douchebaggery.... What are you talking about exactly... give us exact examples...
    retired old sarge · 18 10
  • No. It seems it is a common US business negotiation strategy: divide the other participants, then try to set up a deal with the weakest, in order to force the other companies to lower their own expectations.
    Trump the Bully was mad because his tactic backfired: "I attacked the weakest and he did not fold... it's unfair!"
    Macron (Trump's other best friend) has already said on the news (in France) that Trump is now unreliable as a spokesman and negotiator.

    Meanwhile, his boss (Vladimir Putin) has just founded his own Regional Summit: Russia, China, India, Pakistan. In their final communique, Putin declared that the East has no choice to form this alliance, now that the Western economy is faltering and Western alliances are falling apart.

    Mission Accomplished, Trump!
    Raymond · 17 8
  • Darn that Trudeau for honoring the terms of international treaties instead of doing what Herr Trump demands.
    ocularnervosa · 34 10
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