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Rate each of my favorite baby names on a scale from 1 to 10 and give opinions.?


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  • LOVE Blaze, Sebastian, Maximus & Cohen from the boys and the only girl name i love is Ruby.

    Roman, Xander, Isaac & Skylar r nice too
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  • Boys!
    Blaze - 8
    Roman - 9
    Eugene - 7
    Sebastian - 10 (I love this name.)
    Tobias - 8
    Cobalt - 6.5
    Xander - 8
    Isaac - 5
    Killian - 8
    Adonis - 7
    Izayah - 6
    Maximus - 7
    Cohen - 7

    Xenia - 6
    Ruby - 5
    Serena - 7
    Laylani - 7
    Skylar - 6.5
    Chantal - 6
    Leigha - 7.5
    Chandler - 6
    Rozalia - 8
    Malena - 6.5
    Aquamarina - 7.5
    Anastasia - 9
    Kamila - 7
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  • Blaze: gives that soap opera feeling. I like it and I'd be more likely to use it as a middle 8/10
    Roman: years ago I heard it on Days of our lives. I've always loved it and I would use it 10/10
    Eugene: I dislike it. It's dated and I don't like how it sounds. 6/10
    Sebastian: it's a mouthful. It's not a name I would use. 4/10
    Tobias: I really find it to be hAndsome . Toby is a great nickname. 8/10
    Cobalt: seems kind of harsh . 4\10
    Xander: I don't like X names. 3/10
    Isaac: I love this name. I love that it means He will laugh. Great biblical name. I would use it. 10/10
    Killian: I like this name, uncommon, nice 8/10
    Adonis: interesting , nice sounding 7/10
    Izayah: ridiculous spelling. Isaiah is the best spelling. 2/10 if it was spelled correctly it would be 10/10
    Maximus: it's ok, don't care for Max. 5/10
    Cohen: I love it. Very handsome 10/10

    Xenia: pretty, but I'm not a big fan of X names 6/10
    Ruby: pretty, although it's really not my style 7/10
    Serena; refreshing name, very pretty 10/10
    Laylani: pretty but I prefer Leilani 7/10
    Skylar: nice name, prefer it in a boy 8/10
    Chantel: nice name, nice spelling. Would use it as a middle 6/10
    Leigha: pretty but I like Leah. 9/10
    Chandler: I don't like it on a girl. I think of Friends. 5/10
    Rozaila: I don't like the spelling at all 0\10
    Malena: very pretty. 9/10
    Aquamarina: kinda silly 0/10
    Anastasia: stunning, love the nicknames 10/10
    Kamila: beautiful 9/10
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  • This will be fun and I'll try not to be too harsh. 1 is dislike, 10 is like. everything in the middle is the scale.

    Blaze - 5 : It's been used, can be used but I wouldn't use it.
    Roman - 6 : why not? People name their kids Paris and China.
    Eugene - 7 : I don't personally like it. But it's a good name for a male or female
    Sebastian - 10 : This is one of the names I absolutely love and cannot explain why. Probably from a book
    Tobias - 10 : I like T names for boys, Tobias, Thomas, Thane, Theron etc
    Cobalt - 3 : I wouldn't name a human Cobalt but it wouldn't be bad for a dog or horse
    Xander - 10 : Its a good strong name and fun to spell because of that X
    Isaac - 9 : Great, strong and even biblical boys name but nothing I'd use
    Killian - 9 : I actually know a Killian, think the name is cool but I also wouldn't use it
    Adonis - 7 : Great mythology surrounding the name, but a lot of misfortune. Then again, many names are like that.
    Izayah - 1 : I don't mind some funky spellings but this one hurts my eyes
    Maximus - 8 : Another good strong name but I wouldn't use it
    Cohen - 7 : I really want to like this but something is holding me back

    Xenia - 6 : There are other X girl names I like more
    Ruby - 7 : It's not a bad name, I know a Ruby but I wouldn't use it myself
    Serena - 8 : I like the name but I like other S names better like Sienna, Sierra etc
    Laylani - 6 : I like the name but I'm not fond of this spelling so it lowered my rank of it
    Skylar - 9 : I really like unisex names and Sky would be a cute nickname but It isn't one I'd use myself
    Chantal - 6 : I like Shantel, Chantel but this spelling bugs me
    Leigha - 2 : It isn't a bad name phonetically, but the spelling is too much
    Chandler - 9 : Another great unisex name, super cute but I wouldn't use it personally
    Rozalia - 5 : It isn't awful sounding but I guess I'm a stickler for too far out spellings
    Malena - 9 : super cute, looks great but not one I'd use
    Aquamarina - 1 : This is a name for a place but I don't think it has a place on a person
    Anastasia - 10 : This is my top favorite girl name and I would use it. Loved the mystery behind the Romonav's.
    Kamila - 8 : I don't like the name for myself, but it's a good name.

    Remember, these are my personal opinions on the names. Everyone has a preference or style. I'm sure some of the names people have now would have been considered way out there or spelled wrong (my given name included) so don't take anyones opinion too close to the heart. Some names shouldn't be used on real people but they are fun to come up with and play around with.
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