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Should we do separate checks?

Me my friend go out often we alway have issue with splitting the bill should we get separate bills?
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  • Everybody needs to do what is right for them. For me, money has never been an issue so I just split it down the middle. I mean, the fact that their drink was $2 more doesn’t bother me. For others money might be really tight or a bigger issue. I can say as a sever it is annoying if people wait till the end to tell you. If you want to split checks then tell the server when you sit down. If not at the end just ask your friend to split it 50/50. The server can always run two cards if you dont have cash.
    Dezie · 2 0
  • i think so, that might make things easier
    Pearl L · 1 0
  • No, be the bigger person and just pay for everything yourself.
    linkus86 · 1 2
  • The two of you go out often, right ?
    Then it's simple. Don't split the bill. When you go out the next time , you can pay the check
    Next time,let your friend pay.
    LiverGirl98 · 1 2

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