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Why do celebrities bleach their skin?

Like rihanna, beyonce, nicki minaj, lil kim,
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  • Because they want to change their colouring instead of being happy with the skin they were born with. Reminds me of the Victorian times when some women would use arsenic to soften their skin. Either tactic doesn't sound too healthy too me.
    Jedi Jan · 0 0
  • They dont if they did they would be brown dumbasa
    Anonymous000 · 5 0
  • To sell stuff to white people. No skin bleach is permanent. Sammy Sosa is white skinned right now, but if he goes to jail for two months, when he gets out he will right back to his very dark natural complexion. This is because your skin makes melanin everyday. you have to apply that stuff daily/weekly. When Beyonce went solo, they were making her bleach her body horribly. Now that she's a billionaire, she never has to touch the stuff Rihanna too. When they were trying to sell her to whites, they were making her bleach Now that she's extremely rich, she doesn't touch the stuff. lil Kim has turned herself into an Asian woman for some reason. She has to keep bleaching for superficial reasons until that bleach gives her cancer.
    Yup. · 1 2
  • looking gergous..
    ? · 5 1
  • their idiots that's why
    Robin · 6 0

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