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Are you aware that you are busy destroying the earth If you are a meat eater?

before you deny this and display your ignorance, google is at your service to look up the facts. Even cnn had a program, save the earth , become vegan!!
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    What can we do? These are in denial
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  • Well then I guess a lot of wild animals are destroying the earth. Anyway, I suppose it also has to do with how much meat you eat if you’re a human. If you don’t eat a lot of it, you’re causing less destruction I suppose. It’s all relative. And if you raise your own meat, and you’re not doing “factory farming” , and aren’t a big corporate entity clearing rain forests so McDonald’s cattle can graze on them, I guess you’re not destroying it as much either. Or if you’re a hunter, a responsible one who eats what they kill and doesn’t just to do it for sport. I mean I agree with you to an extent but I think you might also be oversimplifying it a bit. I’ve been a vegetarian and I’ve also been a meat eater lately Due to some debilitating health problems in which case even people who know a lot about vegetarianism say that red meat can be a very concentrated/assimilable form of nutrition. I’ll never really get used to the idea of eating sentient animals though, so I appreciate your stance
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  • Yes meat is not the best for the environment. And it’s ok to rise awareness but please do not force anyone to dp something they don’t want to do. Would u like it if i’d try to force u into eating meat, not having any children, not using any electricity(sonce this is also not the best)? I suppose u wouldn’t. Please don’t force people to change, not in such an aggressive way.
    Eva · 8 0
  • I do not have to agree with that statement, and, I do not.
    Gerry G · 12 0
  • cattle turn millions of square miles of unusable grassland and prairie into meat and milk and other usable products , you may not have noticed but vegetation is generally only available once a year
    Caesar · 16 2

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