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Why should Roman Reigns get pinned by a finisher ever again after Wrestlemania 34?

Explain the professional wrestling logic here, Brock Lesnar only needed to hit one F-5 on John Cena and three F-5s on The Undertaker before getting the pinfall yet Roman Reigns kicked out of FIVE consecutive F-5s including one through the announcer table.

Yet World Wrestling Entertainment wants you The People to continue believing anyone who faces Roman Reigns should have even a chance of beating him with a finish.
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    *Don't attempt to understand WWE logic, you'll just get even more confused.
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  • roman reigns are also a champion
    Mary P. Cearley · 0 0
  • At least this section is better than 98% of the others.

    Gotta say that the Reigns experiment has gone too far.

    To main event 4 WM's is way too much for any superstar.

    I tell ya, when Roman kicked out of those, I knew the logic is massed up.

    Then Reigns gets his àsskicked by Dash and Scott and get pinned by one of em.

    Oh boo hoo, Reigns doesn't got what it takes to be the face of WWE. Reigns

    Don't even got what it takes to clean up the scraps. He is Vince's pet, worst pet

    Shoulda Haven't been someone else to be the face, just ain't working out.

    People don't like him and it gets worse the more they paint him as a Superman

    Stereotype that beats the odds a lot and gets title. It gets boring and fans hate

    The guy. Make em way more in vulnerable and have lose more and turn

    Him heel and beat people up for fun, he'll get cheered but WWE don't wanna

    Do that. Remember Backlash where fans walked out? It could get worse,

    Really worse. WWE better do something about this problem.
    Zoro · 0 0
  • Im confused by your question
    Trilby McTip The Wrestling Smark · 0 0
  • F-5 got weaker is a possible explanation.
    Sanji · 4 3

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