Is CNN Honest?

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  • No, no. It's obvious.
    Sabato · 6 8
  • Only to the point where they cannot find a way to twist words or news around to fit their bosses thinking..
    They are totally biased against anything rpublican and seem to think the only thing right is to try to make republicans look as bad as possible. They jusy pick and chose the smallest little thing and if they think it is bad they will push it and push it so much that many of the small minded people actually start believing its a big deal...


    OANN NEWS tell it is like it is,, they actually show the videos of what people are saying be it DEM OR REPUBLICAN...

    They actually go threw fact finding records and PROVE what they are reporting it TRUE...

    Sometime it is good for the Democrats, Sometime it is good for the Republicans... BUT THEY ACTUALLY PROVE what they report..

    In case you do not know the OANN stands for Only America News Network

    Give it a try a few times and dont just base it on ONE 5 minute listening section as they do have different reporters, etc. NOT ALL IS GOING OO BE WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR but it is the TRUTH about whatever the subject is at the time..
    retired old sarge · 16 4
  • Never, all propaganda.
    u_bin_called · 14 31

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