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Is it true women cheat far more than men?

my reliable sources who study this sort of thing claim women commit adultery and infidelities and unfaithful actions a lot more than men do.
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  • I would have to say yes given that women have much more time and oppurtunity to do so than men do. Also they can claim "my body, my rights" as a justification for being cheated on, along with a slew of others such as "he doesn't make me feel special anymore" or "i need a REAL man!".

    Don't want to be cheated on? Don't give them the oppurtunity to do that or even much worst so that they cannot indulge in sadism, an act which is becoming normalized as a 'feminine' thing to do. I suggest MGTOW.
    Recovering Nice Guy · 2 0
  • From my experience the women far outweigh the men when it comes to cheating.
    Const. King · 0 2
  • Probably so because they can get it anytime they want to and they do not have to go out begging for it or buying it like many men have to to get some...
    retired old sarge · 3 6
  • no
    ? · 0 2
    Grace · 11 4

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