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Would our national debt disappear over night if we cut all public education?

What if we cut all public education spending, returning the money to the tax payers (hence giving every Americans thousands of dollars in pay raises over night), and then sell every high school, middle school, and elementary school campus to the public sector? Wouldn't the private sector, with competition, make education better than the failing mass worker training camp system we have now while eliminating our national debt?
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  • They just pretend to have staggering national debt to keep people and technology down.
    lazlo_dei · 1 14
  • First order of business is to defund the National Education assn. The second order of business is to have it fumigated. The average cost of public school per pupil is about $9,000. The average cost of private schools is about $5,000. The average cost of home-schools is about $2,000. The lower the costs, the higher the academic achievement. Public education has proven to be a failure.The massive influx of marginal dollars into the economy would create a bigger economic boom than even Trump's tax cuts. Full employment. Huge new numbers of people making higher wages. Massive Decrease in the demands for welfare. More people paying taxes with higher wages. The new normal, without public education weighing the economy down, would astounding.
    Homeschool produces winners · 8 19
  • No but it might disappear if we got rid of rich person/corporate welfare for country club types like you whose kids get to go to private school on the backs of working people, so they don’t get shot up Ike kids from working class families
    perfectlybaked · 4 19
  • Nope, Most of our national debt comes from conservative wars and tax cuts for billionaires. Get rid of that and the debt would go down just like in the 1990's.
    ocularnervosa · 16 6
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