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Why do all liberal candidates supports the expropriation of private property that comes with socialism?

The money you earn is your private property that you earned with your work and effort. So why is it that every demo'rat running for office thinks your property is theirs? What will be next? Why do ppl vote for this theft?
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    All of the democrats so far have embraced the same barons of corporatism that Hillary was beholding to and that cost her the election. They wants that billionaire cash more than they care about people.

    EDIT: Remember that for 30+ yrs the democrats looked the other way as Harvey Weinstein raped women. They didn't care as long as he kept the donations flowing.
    Doc Awesome · 0 1
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  • really.
    Donnie Doom · 8 4
  • Nope. You must be talking about another country, not the USA.
    Zhu · 20 9
  • Somebody show this guy a Venn diagram. "All liberal candidates..." If you expect yourself to be taken seriously, don't make such ridiculous exaggerations.

    Addressing the socialist mindset, these people believe that most wealth is not accumulated due to one's own hard work and merit, but rather as the result of a rigged game. For example, there's the revolving door in the government-lobbyist-executive circles and the military-industrial complex, and the corrupt practices of the financial industry. These systems are expressly designed such that winners keep winning, and nobody who is not born into those systems can play. Executives in these fields often earn in excess of one thousand times their employees' average salary.

    You've heard everything I'm going to say. You've heard how the top 1% in this country own 38% of everything in it, and the top 10% own 75% of it. I'm not saying socialism is the only way out, but how is anybody okay with the way that things are? If we spread the wealth out evenly, 98.5% of people would have more (usually way more), and 1.5% of people would have less, but easily enough to live comfortably.

    Honest question: what would you do to change things?
    Dave B. · 11 3
  • You are a liar.

    No liberal candidate for office in the USA has ever called for the expropriation of private property. You lied and everyone should know that right wing claims should not be trusted.
    Dangerous Mr. · 18 3
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