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Short of assassination has anyone ever tried as hard to take down a President as the Left is currently doing to Donald Trump?

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    The Left isn't nearly as pissed that Trump won as they are that Hillary lost. The Left's successful shot at getting a back-to-back first Black President-first Female President was a feather they could wear in their cap for CENTURIES. Trump's election was so much more than a simple loss for the Left. It was a dream left in shambles. The Left's lividness is reflected in every comment they make. Our president isn't Donald Trump, he's "that lying Trump", or, "that traitor Trump" as if Hillary was a girl scout/missionary, and I'm convinced they won't rest until Trump literally, physically dies as atonment for his "crime" of pissing off the Left.

    However, I'm finally seeing a reason WHY, in a typical election, voters go for the Lawyers, Economists, and ex-Generals instead of the Businessmen.
    SRB101 · 4 1
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  • Clinton?
    james · 10 7
  • The left is now what some people call following the law? How many pleas and indictments in silly things like federal conspiracy and false-statements charges, Is need it for some people fully grasp is not an attack, the 45 President election team get involved in many wrongs...
    Caesar · 34 35
  • I just think things are more publicized these days and social media spreads lies or truth like wildfire. No one is ever going to agree with any given president. I don’t agree with most of trumps policies, but It grinds my gears all these comedians using him as their targets of every joke. Every time you hear a comedian do standup or talk show host opening monologues it is always bashing Trump in some way. I didn’t even vote for him but I’m going to go out of my way to bully him or any other president.
    spottedpurplebutterfly · 26 15
  • Rarely does those who are on the Far Left or the Far Right ever come to power, but in 2008 that happened. And when it did they were certain they were going to hold power and to ensure that they pushed for open borders and increasing the welfare rolls In addition they controlled academia, the media and Hollywood, so they pretty much control the message that the voters was getting. Also by controlling academia they were able to indoctrinate our youth in Left's ideology.

    But in 2010 they lost control of the House and in 2014 they lost control of the Senate. They were absolutely certain they would keep control of the White House get control of at least one House of Congress but to their shock that didn't happen instead the Republicans kept control of both Houses and got control of the White House. As a result they are acting like the Nazi Brown Shirts and the Facist's Black Shirts.
    Warren T · 45 49
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