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Can I smoke and still be healthy?

I smoke between 7 and 9 cigarettes a day (quitting isn't an option right now). I'm trying to eat more protein and more vegetables, does smoking inhibit nutrition? I'm a very active person and I'm underweight.
  • Answers
  • No, you will still have COPD later in life.
    Bill · 2 0
  • No. and why isn't quitting an option? That sounds like an excuse to keep smoking.
    Papa · 7 0
  • you must be jokking
    Turokis · 9 4
  • Smoking cigarettes might not have an overall noticeable affect on your "fitness" while you are healthy, this is going to vary from person to person. But smoking does affect how well you heal from injuries, your overall bone health (more susceptible to fractures), and the health of your vertebral discs. Say something bad happens and you need to go to the hospital for some form of medical treatment. Smoking is going to affect your ability to recover from illnesses or possibly increase their symptoms. It can also increase the amount of time wounds take to heal as well. So you may not see any affects now, but if you get injured or get sick/need hospitalization for something, then smoking is going to affect your ability to recover to full health
    abria · 7 0
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