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Why is everyone trying so hard to topple President Trump?

It seems every couple of weeks someone comes out with a book making him look dangerous or incompetent. It really makes me mad. It's like there is a deep orchestrated enough to get him out of office. It's not just the democrats who are in on it, but the media and the deep state. It's pretty sick. Do you think their efforts will pay off, or will they backfire?
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  • Because, he says the truth
    Ugbuta Iro · 2 3
  • Just watch Stephen Colbert. If trump coughs, he’ll blame the next epidemic on him.
    Level 26 White Guy · 9 6
  • 1. The media, he's been fighting the media for over thirty years, sometimes he wins, the media hates that.
    2. The DNC, Hillary made a deal with the DNC back in 2009, she stepped down and let Obama have the nomination instead of tearing the party apart, the deal was obviously that the DNC would back her no matter what. They did and still are.
    3. The RNC, yes Rhinos hate him too because Trump isn't really a conservative or really a Republican.
    $. Hollywood elites, Hollywood elites are mindless prostitute attention seekers who will sell their support to which ever side that will give them favorable press.
    Joseph · 3 7
  • Two books in a year seems like every couple of weeks? WTF! Does it really take you months to read one book? Are you one of IQ45’s beloved “uneducated voters”?
    BKW · 16 7