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Why is Donald Trump so stupid?

He is the most racist president ever. We are in the 21st century, like come on. How can people nominate him? Only 2 more years of his crap then he’s out of the office for sure.
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  • "Why is Donald Trump so stupid?"

    Yeah, that stupid billionaire dummy-head president. What a maroon. :-D

    Now stop whining and watch MAGA in action.
    antonius · 6 5
  • First world syndrome.
    Dunkłeosteus · 12 15
  • Who's the stupid one, He's rich, your not, he's president' your not, Do some research on him, Not from CNN either, Did you know most of his higher mgrs. in his companies are women? also most are of color, you don't know crap, yes he needs to get off twitter, He tends to need more filters, but he is doing things many president haven't and couldn't, How can he be rich for all of his life and still be stupid? Rich people (except Justin Bieber) are rich for a reason, they do things right, You may not like him for what he says or because of your political side, but The economy is doing better than last several presidents(repub and dem)We are in talks with north Korea, We are almost at REAL FREE TRADE, Not 60/40 like NAFTA was, For your info we where the 40, Why do you think everybody is pissed, they get less of our money, Why shouldn't countries we protect pay for that protection? You get paid to work right? Oh wait your one of those protestors, You live off the government, Grow up and do some research, look at who is protesting, people on welfare or people who make money off you, Hitler was a socialist, so was Stalin, So was Fidel Castro, Russia was a communist/socialist country, Do some research on those countries, do you want to live like that, than go there, See if you can tweet your thoughts, Hell go to Mexico, live there, Your the stupid one.
    james · 56 44
  • His parents were stupid So they passed it on to him. Shame on them.
    Nick · 35 30
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