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Why is Donald Trump so stupid?

He is the most racist president ever. We are in the 21st century, like come on. How can people nominate him? Only 2 more years of his crap then he’s out of the office for sure.
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  • I am just wondering what donald trumph is thinking about you right now.Well nothing.So don't think about him and him go with the flow.I think he is thinking that why people call him stupid.OKAY WHY I AM EVEN THINKING.I dont need to bother myself lmao
    Rafiul Abeer · 17 11
  • Idk about that one
    andy · 12 3
  • He thinks he already knows it all, so he doesn't need to read or keep learning.
    Amaretta · 40 33
  • Well, Trump sometimes says stuff, especially on Twitter, that can seem stupid.
    james · 56 44
  • His parents were stupid So they passed it on to him. Shame on them.
    Nick · 35 30
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