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Can’t you imagine how Christine Ford must feel tonight?

Made even worse that millions of vile, disgusting bottom feeders are celebrating her ordeal and and calling her bravery in coming forward for the nation a failed conspiracy by the Clintons and other such nonsense? She did what she thought was right. Her and Anita Hill stood tall in the face of oppression. People want to believe it's a conspiracy because they could never fathom the sacrifice those women made.

Everything they do is conniving. It only stands to reason that they would look at a women in tears, and only see their own illusory persecution.

How can an ant understand the ocean? How can a Trump supporter understand humanity?
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    I can’t even imagine! Probably that she wishes she had kept it all under wraps for the rest of her life!

    The point where she saw Trump cruelly mocking her in front thousands of people must have been terrible, because even if you believe that she was somehow mistaken, was there any good reason for the President of the United States to do that?

    Trump is one despicable bastard, and I don’t care what good if any he does in the future, I will never forgive him for that! That was lowest of the low!!!

    This woman had really nothing to gain out of this at all, and I hope for her sake she moves as far away from this rotten country as possible, and hopefully is able to put it all behind her!
    Maximus · 2 0
  • Other Answer
  • I dont really care how they paid liar feels... hopefully she will come out admit she lied because she was trying to say what she was told to say...
    retired old sarge · 3 0
  • She's counting all the money she's made. Now comes the book deal.
    Hoekom Jy My Haat · 6 7
  • She likely feels bad. She said she only wanted to do what was right and bring her story forward (likely one of many of her misleading statements). She is probably pretty isolated from any sort of reality and surrounded by a cadre of people telling her she did the right thing and was justified. Probably no voices from the other side telling her what she did was wrong. So she will spend her life in an echo chamber of people in Palo Alto and the rest of the Bay Area being more and more convinced she was right and did a good thing irrespective of whether she did or not.
    pH of 7 · 25 6
  • Delusional people are armored against real life, She feels no pain because she is incapable of it.
    Joseph · 40 12
  • She's a liar that is probably disappointed her lie didn't work to get her what she wanted. Of course, she is probably enjoying her $700,000 she got from idiots at gofundme.
    Bill · 24 9

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